Treasure Island

Kumiko Saito


Poems of Kumiko Saito

1. Being Set Free 12/3/2006
2. Crowded in Darkness 12/3/2006
3. Everday 12/3/2006
4. Friendship 12/3/2006
5. Hold Heart 12/3/2006
6. Looking Back 12/3/2006
7. Love on Fire 12/3/2006
8. Passion 12/3/2006
9. Perfection 12/3/2006
10. Sea Path 12/3/2006
11. When Someone's wish comes true 12/3/2006
12. Your Feelings 12/3/2006

Your Feelings

The beautiful doll that stares at me,
It looks with such sadness,
Even though it has a bright smile.
But isn't that the way we work today?
We cover up our sadness with bright smiles.
Making people think we're alright, so they won't worry.
But that's killing yourself inside.
Keeping all your feelings chained in.
Will you ever let go?

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