Kurt Kacich

Kurt Kacich Poems

1. Winter Wonderland 6/27/2010
2. Window of Eternity 3/8/2010
3. When The Creator Cries 7/5/2010
4. What's On Your Mind? 8/22/2010
5. What makes a Genius and a Prodigy? 8/25/2010
6. What Is a Rhyme? 8/12/2010
7. War Within 3/8/2010
8. Ugly Truth 5/29/2010
9. Tunnel of the Numb 7/25/2010
10. Triple 6 Flags (Carnival of Carnage) 4/11/2010
11. To Sunny 7/14/2010
12. The Secret (Roswell 1947) 3/30/2010
13. The Scenic Garden 9/3/2010
14. The Relapse 3/8/2010
15. The Prophecy of the Evil King 3/19/2010
16. The Ocean 3/8/2010
17. The Mourning Palace (Auschwitz is Real) 3/19/2010
18. The Greatest Seed 9/28/2010
19. The Breakup (revenge) 3/29/2010
20. The Arrival (Chicago 1989) 3/29/2010

Ariels in Heaven

When the shadows cast away you’ll find me in your grace,
Rising to the heavens when my time is due to retrace,
Keep elevating to the skies till I see your face,
Above the clouds with wings on our backs we’ll fly,
Leading your Calvary of angels to the distance a high,
Until I close my eyes never will I meet you,
Keeping you as my blind guardian so true,
Till I ride to the promised land in the skies so blue,
How sweet the feeling of your presence by my side,

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