Lateef Jan Afridi Ab.latif jan

Rookie (22.april.1981 / Bragg Valley)

Poems of Lateef Jan Afridi Ab.latif jan

1. A Longing Person 5/12/2010
2. A Moment Of Mine 6/1/2014
3. A Short Love Story 5/16/2013
4. Advance 2/8/2010
5. Allah almighty(The creator) 8/6/2009
6. Alone 5/13/2013
7. Dust Is My Bed 12/10/2009
8. Last Breath 5/17/2009
9. Let's find her 3/19/2013
10. Long Longing 12/3/2009
11. My Heart Says 6/27/2013
12. My Love (where did you go?) 4/27/2013
13. My Mother(aday) 12/3/2009
14. My Wife(The Thinkings) 4/21/2009
15. O My Lord 1/27/2010
16. Oh God forgive me when i whine 5/11/2009
17. Oh My Love 4/26/2009
18. Oh We See 8/2/2009
19. Quraan(The Book of Allah) 5/5/2009
20. She is Beautiful 6/25/2013

The Lost Words

My words have been lost at the door of my poem
And the longing for the love of Allah(swt) runs in the domain of my veins
And the pen in my hand is calling out
come start open pen and repeat
Oh recitor of the Quraan cure our hearts with recitation,
That is raised by true words
These are springs of the book (Quraan) being poured
They run with light in my new life
My words have been lost at the door of my poem

[Hata Bildir]