Lawrence Beck

Lawrence Beck Poems

1. The Next Morning 2/12/2015
2. A Pair Of Dismal Poems 2/12/2015
3. In The Space Of An Hour 2/13/2015
4. Awkwardly Trading Places 2/24/2015
5. Haze 2/26/2015
6. Luck Trumps Good Sense 3/13/2015
7. Not Grimm 3/14/2015
8. On A Rainy Day 3/24/2015
9. There's Something Familiar About You 3/26/2015
10. Gift 3/27/2015
11. I'D Like To Be Myself Again 3/28/2015
12. Unearthed 3/30/2015
13. You Tried 3/30/2015
14. Here's What's In The Tea Leaves, Babycakes 3/31/2015
15. 1001 Arabian Nightmares, Chaper Two 4/1/2015
16. Postscript 4/2/2015
17. Van Gogh's Wheatfield, And Mine 4/3/2015
18. At Last 4/6/2015
19. Ungrateful 4/6/2015
20. Looking Ahead 4/7/2015
21. An(Other) Epic Romance 4/9/2015
22. Five Am -new- 4/13/2015
23. The Fourth Law -new- 4/14/2015
24. A True Story -new- 4/16/2015
25. The Gloom Moved With Me -new- 4/18/2015
26. The Future Revealed In The Front Yard -new- 4/21/2015
27. Aimless -new- 4/23/2015
28. You Never Hear This Side Of The Story -new- 4/24/2015
29. An Enduring Mystery -new- 4/26/2015
30. A Twice-Told Tale 3/2/2015
31. Sobriety, Bah! 2/26/2015
32. Cancer 3/5/2015
33. Unlit Flight 3/7/2015
34. Thirty Seconds 3/20/2015
35. It's There In Black And White 3/17/2015
36. A Perfectly Ridiculous Poem 3/19/2015
37. Your Gift 3/23/2015
38. When The Storm Arrives 3/25/2015
39. Almost Obscured By Chatter 3/3/2015
40. To The Faerie King 3/4/2015
Best Poem of Lawrence Beck

Your Savage

Is this what I am to you:
That boy who won't stay
In his seat, the one who
Doesn't do his homework,
Laughs, and ends up sent
Away to cool his heels
In someone's office?
Am I Mongol, dressed
In leather, racing, solo,
On the prairie, always
Circling back to you,
And you are order,
Grim and neat, within
A castle, safe, and, if
Not wholly happy,
Reassured that your life's
Moving, like a glacier,
To a careful plan?
I see you on the parapet.
I see your smile when
I wave. I know you'll
Never leave the castle,
But I cannot ...

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I'm going to say the dreary air, and not
The bourbon, not the parallels, propels
Me down the bullet track into the seventies,
And all the pining I did then: the afternoons,
Asquirm, at once discomfited, almost within
The grasp of Molly, my first love, beside her
Husband, my best friend, the one she wanted,
At my side, possessed of greater charm than I;
The sweaty march to find the one I'd come to

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