Lawrence Beck

Lawrence Beck Poems

1. A Grainy Photograph Of A Side Of Beef On A Hook 9/12/2016
2. How It Is 9/13/2016
3. 63 9/13/2016
4. Two Poems 9/14/2016
5. National Anthem 9/16/2016
6. Dunce 9/17/2016
7. Of Two Minds 9/18/2016
8. En-Ti-At-Kwa 9/19/2016
9. A Mismatched Pair 9/20/2016
10. I'll Have Another Cigarette. That Should Help 9/21/2016
11. Gazing Out To Sea 9/22/2016
12. Working Title: The Enigmatic Madame A 9/26/2016
13. A Year And A Half In 23 Lines 9/26/2016
14. Aspriring Expatriot 9/27/2016
15. Bum Ticker 9/28/2016
16. Elevator Music 9/29/2016
17. Some Songs For People At Drive-Up Windows 10/2/2016
18. Bad Influence 10/3/2016
19. Given The Choice, I Pick Death 10/4/2016
20. Come See The Latest Production Of 'democracy! ' 10/5/2016
21. Sound The Retreat 10/5/2016
22. Like A Ghost 10/8/2016
23. Skinner's Pigeon Taps 10/9/2016
24. Palm Trees And Ivs 10/10/2016
25. Alexander The Great 10/11/2016
26. A Declaration Followed By Awkward Silence 10/12/2016
27. Mortality -new- 10/13/2016
28. Bell And Whistle -new- 10/17/2016
29. Such A Scrawny Thing -new- 10/18/2016
30. Two Views Of A Departure -new- 10/19/2016
31. Godzilla -new- 10/19/2016
32. Examining The Wreckage -new- 10/20/2016
33. Closing Time -new- 10/23/2016
34. Three Guys In A Bar -new- 10/24/2016
35. Sunset -new- 10/26/2016
36. El Hombre De El Norte -new- 10/27/2016
37. Under The Knife -new- 10/27/2016
38. For Want Of Grit 8/1/2016
39. Nancy 8/3/2016
40. My One And Only 8/5/2016
Best Poem of Lawrence Beck


Twilights come, the earth's and mine,
The ancient planet creaking on its axis,
Moving toward the night, the man,
A minor perturbation, slumps upon
A wicker chair, aware that his own
Night is nearing. Gin in hand, he
Scans the flat horizon. What is left
To do? He's written all he needs to
Write. He's seen some pieces of the
World. He's raised children. Now,
He sits. The music which once
Was his life is noisome now. The
Pastel sky is nice enough, but not
Worth looking up from his gin
To perceive. The days, his parent
Planet shows, ...

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My One And Only

My love, of course, has gone away. It's been
So long that I have ceased to see her absence
As a loss. My friends remain. I'm glad they
Do, yet you know how it is with them.
They're fun, but there always will be a
Subtle tension when we meet. It's only
When I'm home with you that I'm
Contented and at ease. Pretty poppy
Promise me that you won't ever leave.

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