Treasure Island

leah dsouza

Poems of leah dsouza

1. A MORNING PRAYER 1/9/2008
2. a special teacher 10/27/2008
3. Clown 1/9/2008
4. Hapiness is on your way this day 1/9/2008
5. LIGHT 1/9/2008
6. Love 1/8/2008
7. Poor People 1/9/2008
8. Pray To God 1/12/2008
9. Put a smile upon your face 1/9/2008
10. Winter's love 1/16/2008


When my heart's beat goes uo and down
I feel like i am a clown
Who always forwns.
Then one day a girl came to me and asked: ''why are you so sad? ''
I told her: '' everyone calls me bad''
She told me that does a flower comes to ground,
before its abound?
NO right! so come lets have some sprite..
you feel its funny right?

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