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The Sea(1994-1995)

The sea, the sea: calling out to you and me
Waves rush in to caress the sand
Only to roll out again

The sea, the sea: calmness in its water
But in one fowl swoop
The calm has turned sour

The sea, the sea: breezes clear as day
Salty air meets our lips
Longer, will we stay?

The sea, the sea: soft sand beneath our feet
Breeze cooling our hot hands
One look at your eyes and I Know

The sea, the sea: our ally and friend
The seascape drawing us in
In triumph, two sweethearts together
Creating Minstrels in the sand.

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In This Moment (1998)

the hardest thing I see this day
are the traces of those long past away
some bring joy in it's radiant hue
and others, the tarnish of a painful view

still as time come to pass
we must let go of the past
for the truth is yet to be seen
not only in a waking dream

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