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The Measure Of A Man (2011)

the measure of a man
Is not in a number of scores
Or the record of loves in a lifetime
The number of times he hung up without speaking
The measure of a man
Isn't in his educational attainment
Or the number of patches on a letterman jacket
It isn't the people who claim him
Because he was popular
It isn't the courts he served on
Or his leadership abilities
It isn't his competitors glories
It isn't his spiritual gifts
It isn't his decisiveness
The measure of a man
Is in his love's eyes
It is the committment to love he shows daily
It is his ...

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In This Moment (1998)

the hardest thing I see this day
are the traces of those long past away
some bring joy in it's radiant hue
and others, the tarnish of a painful view

still as time come to pass
we must let go of the past
for the truth is yet to be seen
not only in a waking dream

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