Treasure Island

Louise Imogen Guiney

(1861 - 1920 / United States)

Poems of Louise Imogen Guiney

21. Summum Bonum 1/3/2003
22. Sunday Chimes in the City 1/3/2003
23. The Atoning Yesterday 1/3/2003
24. The Kings 1/4/2003
25. The Lights of London 1/3/2003
26. The Vigil-at-Arms 1/3/2003
27. The Wild Ride 1/3/2003
28. Tryste Noel 1/4/2003
29. Valse Jeune 4/15/2010

The Kings

A man said unto his Angel:
"My spirits are fallen low,
And I cannot carry this battle:
O brother! where might I go?

"The terrible Kings are on me
With spears that are deadly bright;
Against me so from the cradle
Do fate and my fathers fight."

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