Treasure Island

Lucy Lae

Poems of Lucy Lae

1. Alone Again 5/6/2012
2. Fighting Fire With Apprehension 4/4/2012
3. god, if you could see me when I'm sleeping 5/9/2012
4. I Am 3/26/2012
5. Ode to Self Ignorance 5/3/2012
6. physician, heal thyself 3/22/2012
7. The Fallout 12/16/2013

Alone Again

I feel so worn out
I'm so alone
I know that my circumstances don't condone my actions
but I cant seem to see any other solutions
all my dreams are just diminishing illusions of a future I was never meant to have
I don't even know what pain I feel anymore
this ardor within me is as plain and overt as the cure
But I cant help my hand slipping off of the door to consolation
In a way I find joy in this sick isolation

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