Treasure Island

Maggie Estep

Poems of Maggie Estep

1. Bad Day At The Beauty Salon 1/13/2003
2. Emotional Idiot 1/13/2003
3. Hey Baby 1/13/2003
4. Scab Maids On Speed 1/13/2003
5. The Stupid Jerk I'm Obsessed With 1/13/2003

Scab Maids On Speed

My first job was when I was about 15. I had met a girl named Hope who became my best friend. Hope and I were flunking math class so we became speed freaks. This honed our algebra skills and we quickly became whiz kids. For about 5 minutes. Then, our brains started to fry and we were just teenage speed freaks.

Then, we decided to to seek gainful employment.

We got hired on as part time maids at the Holiday Inn while a maid strike was happening. We were scab maids on speed and we were coming

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