Major Elazia

Major Elazia Poems

1. Winds Of Time 6/28/2012
2. The Archers Of The Indian Ocean 6/28/2012
3. Music Of My Love 6/28/2012
4. You Make Angry! 6/28/2012
5. End Of My Song 6/28/2012
6. Wolves With Flags 6/28/2012
7. Asking The Goverment 6/28/2012
8. Sunset Dreams Of A Love 6/28/2012
9. Musical Nostalgia 6/28/2012
10. A New Day 6/28/2012
11. Legends Of The Lovers 6/28/2012
12. Rolling Down The Hills 6/28/2012
13. She Will One Day Return 6/28/2012
14. Tears Of A Woman 6/28/2012
15. Islands In A River Stream 6/28/2012
16. Love In A Vault 6/28/2012
17. Free And I Don'T Care! 6/28/2012
18. Moonlight Through 6/28/2012
19. Metarmophosis 6/28/2012
20. Living In Harmony 6/28/2012
21. The Art Of Seducing A Woman 6/28/2012
22. Like A Dove So Is Peace 6/28/2012
23. Be Still My Soul Be Still 6/28/2012
24. It Doesn'T Matter My Friend! 10/28/2012
25. I Will Not Say A Thing 10/30/2012
26. Brother 11/28/2012
27. Encased In A Vacuum 8/22/2013
28. Searching 11/16/2013
29. Dismiss The Love With Fairness 11/16/2013
30. Watch The World 2/10/2015
31. Prologue To Blood After Sunrise 11/16/2013
32. I Loved You Still 8/22/2013
33. Mr. Carpenter 8/22/2013
34. Sleep No Man Desires 11/28/2012
35. Letter To My Father. 6/28/2012
36. Sweetness Of Home 6/28/2012
37. Cold Cold Day 6/28/2012
38. Goodbye To You My Trusted Love 6/28/2012
39. Wings To Fly 6/28/2012
40. The Judgement Of A Good Thief 6/30/2012
Best Poem of Major Elazia

Nairobi At Night

Nairobi at night is a place of wonders

I was really amused the another night

When I took a stroll down Koinange street,

I met the beauty and the beasts in wait for clients

Some ran away, some jostled for my attention

But I heard my own voice in another silent whisper

Here I am in Koinange sampling the best of the city

The night workers are well dressed and enticing

A Mercedes, a Jaguar, a Shogun, Prados and all

The women never end, they are still abundant

And the number of customers is never ending

A few ...

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Winds Of Time

I watch the pain of Mother Nature's agony

Her bowels soiled, ruptured and fractured across her surface

Mother Nature lives towards her ultimate end of time.

The industrial sooth does her smooth destruction

Delivering mortal blows to her normal intent and capacity to carry life,

[Hata Bildir]