Major Elazia

Major Elazia Poems

1. Winds Of Time 6/28/2012
2. The Archers Of The Indian Ocean 6/28/2012
3. Music Of My Love 6/28/2012
4. You Make Angry! 6/28/2012
5. End Of My Song 6/28/2012
6. Wolves With Flags 6/28/2012
7. Asking The Goverment 6/28/2012
8. Sunset Dreams Of A Love 6/28/2012
9. Musical Nostalgia 6/28/2012
10. A New Day 6/28/2012
11. Legends Of The Lovers 6/28/2012
12. Rolling Down The Hills 6/28/2012
13. She Will One Day Return 6/28/2012
14. Tears Of A Woman 6/28/2012
15. Islands In A River Stream 6/28/2012
16. Love In A Vault 6/28/2012
17. Free And I Don'T Care! 6/28/2012
18. Moonlight Through 6/28/2012
19. Metarmophosis 6/28/2012
20. Living In Harmony 6/28/2012
21. The Art Of Seducing A Woman 6/28/2012
22. Like A Dove So Is Peace 6/28/2012
23. Be Still My Soul Be Still 6/28/2012
24. It Doesn'T Matter My Friend! 10/28/2012
25. I Will Not Say A Thing 10/30/2012
26. Brother 11/28/2012
27. Encased In A Vacuum 8/22/2013
28. Searching 11/16/2013
29. Dismiss The Love With Fairness 11/16/2013
30. Watch The World 2/10/2015
31. The Flaming Will Of Hope 10/6/2015
32. Ignorance And Vanity 10/6/2015
33. Fooled By Fake Innocence 11/6/2015
34. Ecstasy Of Romance 11/6/2015
35. Slandered By Dunderheads 11/9/2015
36. A Slug Of A Goat 11/9/2015
37. Prologue To Blood After Sunrise 11/16/2013
38. I Loved You Still 8/22/2013
39. Mr. Carpenter 8/22/2013
40. Sleep No Man Desires 11/28/2012
Best Poem of Major Elazia

Nairobi At Night

Nairobi at night is a place of wonders

I was really amused the another night

When I took a stroll down Koinange street,

I met the beauty and the beasts in wait for clients

Some ran away, some jostled for my attention

But I heard my own voice in another silent whisper

Here I am in Koinange sampling the best of the city

The night workers are well dressed and enticing

A Mercedes, a Jaguar, a Shogun, Prados and all

The women never end, they are still abundant

And the number of customers is never ending

A few ...

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Wings To Fly

I sing my songs of lamentations cursing the day I was born,

Born a destitute into this folorn world of misery

And nursing hopes already cast on broken stones and forgotten promises.

Each day Itrek over the burning baren hills of fortune.

Saintly carrying a borrowed pen and paper taking another step in life

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