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Mandy Author2 Poems

41. The Choice 12/1/2009
42. The Edge (Nonpoem Poem) 3/15/2011
43. The Last Time 3/15/2011
44. The Puzzle 12/1/2009
45. This Boy 12/15/2010
46. This Game 12/3/2009
47. Walking Away From You 9/17/2010
48. What Do You See? 7/16/2010
49. What He Didn'T See 9/17/2010
50. What He Means To Me 5/16/2010
51. What I Deserve 12/13/2009
52. What To Say? (This Mind Of Mine) 4/10/2010
53. Who I Am 3/15/2011
54. Why? 12/3/2009
55. Wonder 12/14/2009
56. You Ask 12/13/2009
57. You Don'T Understand Do You? 12/1/2009
58. You Offended Me Today 7/16/2010
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Abc Poem

Another thought comes to mind,
Before it can be stopped,
Carefully i tread,
Down the path,
Every step a new mistake,
Free from thoughts,
Going no where,
Hating the way thing are,
Itching for a change,
Just a small change,
Knowing it never will,
Loving him still,
Making it worse,
Never an escape,
Once it's begun,
Pleading for it to end,
Quiet now,
Resting from the sleepless night,
Sincerely wishing for peace,
Taking everything,
Under the shelter,
Vex me no more,
Waiting for it,
X-rays of my heart, ...

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The Puzzle

She only gets him when he's broken,
Only when he's falling apart,
She tries to pick up the pieces,
Of his so diminished heart,
She wonders where to start,
She studies them so carefully,
It seems they are part of her own heart,
Suddenly she knows just where to start,
Using her heart as a guide,

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