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Love is a Beautiful Sweet Feeling
Love is Caring and Sharing
Love is Forever, True Happiness
Love is Sunshine, Rain; Rainbow

Love is Affection, Admiration, Adoration
Love is Bonding and Binding
Love is the Strongest Emotion
Love is Devotion and Dedication

Love is Invaluable yet Common
Love is Being Good and Thoughtful
Love is Trusting and Being Trustworthy
Love is Universe and Universal

Love is Giving and Forgiving
Love is Passion and Compassion
Love is Patience and Commitment
Love is Togetherness and Understanding

Love is ...

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Dancing In The Rain!

I hear the purling of the rain
And I rush out to feel the rain
Rain drops drench me ease,
I shiver like the flowers in winter breeze
My thoughts are all frozen with joy anew,
Like leaves of tree with honeydew,
Rain cools all the blaze that ever existed,
My soul seems to be quenched,
Just as the Earth smells best when drenched;

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