Marcellino Carlo

Marcellino Carlo Poems

1. Noir 1/24/2013
2. Moonlight Sonata 1/24/2013
3. I Wonder If Anyone Knows 1/24/2013
4. Lies From The Lips Of Angels 1/24/2013
5. Dusk 1/24/2013
6. Delusions Of Grandeur 1/24/2013
7. Fixing It 7/11/2012
8. Dandelions 7/11/2012
9. Conversations With The Devil 1/24/2013
10. Panic Attack (Soliloquy) 1/24/2013
11. Damask Tapestry 1/24/2013
12. Cutting God 1/24/2013
13. Vanilla Fall 2/19/2013
14. Stirred From Night's Slumber 1/24/2013
15. Naked & Infamous 1/24/2013
16. Aiko (A Child Of Love) 3/19/2013
17. In Black & White 5/10/2013
18. Lover's Rush (Dante's Variation Sonnet) 5/10/2013
19. Provocatrix 5/10/2013
20. Life Boat 5/10/2013
21. 1000 Crystalised Cherry Blossoms (Ichi Senkesshouka Sa Sakura) 5/10/2013
22. Potpourri 5/10/2013
23. Film Noir: Scarlet (A Series) 5/10/2013
24. Osoku Saku Sakurano Dansu (The Dance Of The Late Blooming Sakura) 5/10/2013
25. Crimes Of Passion 1/24/2013
26. Perfect Little Imperfections 1/24/2013
27. 1000 Cherry Blossoms On The Sakura 1/24/2013
28. Corona 1/24/2013
29. A Rain Of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura No Ame) 2/19/2013
Best Poem of Marcellino Carlo

A Rain Of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura No Ame)

And I dreamt a vivid dream of you
Filtered in a washed out cerise haze
Of wispy mist and a silken shrouded guise
your sensuous silhouette as you unraveled
the mysteries that your flesh hid beneath
your innocent kimono. That I might be
the gaijin to tame the dragons that haunted
your mind. And you ran from your mind
beneath the barren trees and on the
war-torn path. There you paused and
held your heart and knew.
You ambled gracefully toward the waters-edge
only to leap into the rising sun. And the light
burned out my eyes before you Lady Sakura

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We wait patiently for something to happen
To be caught up and taken to a place without trouble,
Where we can escape this abrasive environment.
If not we are doomed to decay.
To die.

We fear no-one. We rise up against our kindred.
We are untamed. We are lost.
With no roots to hold us, no direction to lead us

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