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(Madrid, Spain)

Poems of Maria Luisa Taylor

1. A smile is a thousand words 3/29/2009
2. Always and forever 5/16/2009
3. Beautiful 3/10/2009
4. Come and paint my world 2/4/2011
5. Courage 3/13/2009
6. Dance dance dance 4/20/2009
7. Dream of you my love 3/11/2009
8. Evil, I call you! ! 5/23/2009
9. Fear 3/13/2009
10. Happiness 3/11/2009
11. Here you are again 5/10/2009
12. Hope 3/10/2009
13. I am a woman 5/28/2009
14. I hate everything about you. 6/10/2009
15. I HOPE YOU'RE PROUD 6/14/2009
16. I need to believe 4/19/2009
17. I see a star tonight 4/20/2009
18. I see something wrong 5/24/2009
19. I'm feeling all alone 5/19/2009
20. I'm running but to where? 5/24/2009

Tired of living a lie

I 'Am sick of all the crying
I 'am sick of not knowing
I'am sick of not showing
I' am sick, of people
I'm sick of pretending is
all perfect.

Tired of living a lie
sick of loving you
Tired of the tear I cry
Sick of anger
Sick of pain in my heart
Sick of having to do this

Marisa Taylor

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