Marilyn Shepperson

Rookie (4th September 1949 / Hounslow. Middx)

Marilyn Shepperson Poems

161. The Vortex 9/21/2006
162. The White Farmhouse 9/13/2006
163. The Witch 8/26/2009
164. The Wizard 9/21/2006
165. The Wolf Pack 8/23/2006
166. There's Hope Yet 8/8/2006
167. There's No Such Thing As Ghosts? 9/14/2006
168. Today 9/15/2006
169. Twelve Little Daffodils 10/12/2006
170. Two Inquisitive People 9/27/2006
171. Unreal Girl 9/27/2006
172. Up At The Old Mansion 10/27/2006
173. Us Two 10/5/2006
174. Vengeance 8/30/2006
175. Views On The World Today 8/4/2009
176. Village Fair 9/26/2006
177. Visions 7/20/2009
178. Voice Upon The Wind 12/20/2006
179. What Am I? 9/15/2006
180. What Happens? 9/18/2006
181. What If? 4/21/2008
182. Why 8/7/2006
183. Winter 9/27/2006
184. Wintertime 9/29/2006
185. Within The Castle 9/28/2006
186. Wreckers 10/2/2006
187. You Passed The Time 8/3/2006
188. Your Personal Demon 4/21/2008
Best Poem of Marilyn Shepperson

Killing Fields

The fighting is over, the battle is won
Overhead the crows are gathering
The dead lay like a grisly carpet
Those not dead groan or cry and pray softly
Worst of all is the heart rending whimpering
Of men knowing they are about to die and are afraid
The victors celebrate in the great hall
With drink and food in plenty
Raising glasses to the glorious dead
What's glorious about it?
The losers, in chains, sit bemused
Trying to work out where they went wrong
Exhausted horses in the stables
Stand with heads hanging low
To tired to eat, barely able to ...

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Deep Delven

Deep in the heart of a friendly, dark wood
Where fox and badger safely play
Where the tall pines court the clouds above
There lies Deep Delven

Along the river, where the wild iris grows
And the otter fishes without a care
Where willow weeps and aspen trembles
Is the hidden path to Deep Delven

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