Treasure Island

Mark Richardson

(30/01/1973 / Leeds)

Poems of Mark Richardson

1. And They Call This Love 8/2/2009
2. Breathe 8/20/2009
3. Deity 8/3/2009
4. I am Who 1/8/2011
5. Infusion 1/8/2011
6. Misty Mysticism 8/7/2009
7. Passed 8/2/2009
8. Raise a glass 8/3/2009
9. Seeping Wound 8/2/2009
10. Self-made 8/7/2009
11. Tears of a clown 8/22/2009

And They Call This Love

Divide your love, give me a piece, I need to feel that warmth
Your secret smile, your loving touch, is hidden in your walk
Caress this mess, with a tempting wink, and lead me back to you
I’m on your ride, nowhere to hide, is this the day to rue

Why play these games, when we both know, you need me more than I
You are in the game, all because, I feed you my mere lie
Yes it is true; I’m playing you, more than you could know
My loving words, my giving heart, is merely all for show

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