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1. The Beauty Of What Is Difficult 8/14/2009
2. On The Assasination Of Benazir Bhutto (12/27/07) 8/14/2009
3. Selling Garcia-Lorca 8/21/2009
4. My Lost Unicorn Wandered Far 8/31/2009
5. The Snow Sledge Drives Through Lacquered Lands 9/10/2009
6. To Every Poet Every Day 9/14/2009
7. The Rose Red Sealing Wax On The Letter's Dry Now 10/5/2009
8. St. Francis Sowed His Bluebirds 10/6/2009
9. Lion, Tinman And Scarecrow 10/14/2009
10. I'M The One With The Ruby Slippers 10/14/2009
11. Waiting For Oz Was Too Hard 10/14/2009
12. O Crystal Heart Of France 10/19/2009
13. Diamond Cutters 10/27/2009
14. The King Of Poetry 10/27/2009
15. Chaconne For Federico 11/18/2009
16. Song Is A Ladder Of Diamonds 11/18/2009
17. Beauty Asks For A Rose 12/3/2009
18. Yours Is The Calla Star [carol] 12/3/2009
19. Kabakovian Wonders Filled My Eyes 12/4/2009
20. Lives Of The Hunger Artists 12/10/2009
21. Let Poetry Be Crowned Again With Flowers 12/21/2009
22. Tesserae* 1/8/2010
23. Lament For Haiti After A Painting By Magrite 1/26/2010
24. Aslan (The Brigands Go The Other Way) 2/7/2010
25. Taking A Hammer To The Clouds 2/24/2010
26. The Pure Lyric, Undefiled: Not Subject To Psychological Profiling Or Social Reformation 4/7/2010
27. The Childhood Of Marcel Proust 6/1/2010
28. Can Anyone Steal Your Soul 6/16/2010
29. The Doves Of My Mind 6/16/2010
30. May This Reach You Where 6/16/2010
31. Blossoming Sea And 6/16/2010
32. Since You Fail 6/16/2010
33. Exile I Am 6/16/2010
34. The Waves That Almost 6/16/2010
35. Drowning Happy 7/14/2010
36. My Swans Wheel Away 7/22/2010
37. In The Fifth Year Of My Unemployment 9/24/2010
38. Ivory 10/19/2010
39. To A Young Artist, Anywhere 10/26/2010
40. Letter To St. Catherine (Of Siena) 11/10/2010
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Last Minute Christmas Eve 1964

last minute drugstore gifts are best for pure excitement!
someone's sure to want just one more box of
chocolate covered cherries-

look around...the greeting cards are gone
but it's too late to mail them.
I buy rose colored lipstick for my sister

(as we planned) . in exchange she'll bring
her coin wrapped change to bear on
the lilac creme sachet I had my eye on

last Saturday. we conspire this way
considering ourselves true friends, true elves.
how surprised our Grandfather seems

each year unwrapping the same Old Spice aftershave
in a ...

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Selling Garcia-Lorca

.'...a las cinco de la tarde' -Federico Garcia-Lorca

selling garcia-lorca
I walked to the edge of
the olive groved sea

and wept into it
the citrus stars shone
down on the last moon

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