Treasure Island

Mathew Cruz


Poems of Mathew Cruz

1. Affectionate Fate 2/27/2006
2. Affectionate Scene 2/27/2006
3. Continuous Enchantment to The End 2/27/2006
4. Dream with Love of Darkness 6/22/2006
5. Dreams of Darkness 1/15/2007
6. Dying Heartless 2/27/2006
7. Family Possession 12/22/2006
8. Love from Distance 6/22/2006
9. Retardation Error 1/12/2007
10. Satisfying Wings 2/27/2006
11. Suicidal 2/27/2006
12. Thinking of you 2/27/2006
13. With Passion 2/9/2008

Affectionate Fate

As night falls, shadows gets tall.
I felt fear, while danger is near,
Looking down all frown, looking down on the ground.
My heart may be fool, if it is, then it must be cruel.

Why me, why her, why our heart live like this?
Who knows, we can't move with our weak toes.
But when I see you, to me, I am not value.
Our hearts connects like magnets, wondering how it connects.

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