matt fromm

Rookie (march 24 1982 / los angels, ca.)

matt fromm Poems

1. It's Hard To Get Away 2/12/2006
2. Sunset Stranger 4/29/2006
3. Too Young To Be A Peeper 6/14/2006
4. Wild Love 6/28/2006
5. Not A Metaphor 7/6/2006
6. Slow Down Before You Get Hurt 7/6/2006
7. I Am God 5/14/2007
8. I Am Satan 5/14/2007
9. Who Will You Screw? 8/13/2007
10. Two-Bits To See The Drug Child 9/1/2007
11. In Yo Face! 9/5/2007
12. I Wonder If She'Ll Ever Read This. 9/17/2007
13. Searching 10/16/2007
14. No Feelings 10/16/2007
15. Forget About It For Christ's Sake! ! ! 12/18/2007
16. Thieves Of Night 2/20/2012
17. Out In The Woods 4/28/2012
18. The Urge 3/19/2013
19. Gas 3/19/2013
20. Swell 3/19/2013
21. Blow Out The Candles 3/21/2013
22. Hey Popio 4/29/2013
23. Sensitivity Training 6/1/2013
24. The Last Jerk Off 6/5/2013
25. Dig It 6/16/2013
26. Growin Up 6/21/2013
27. Whats Up, Sir 6/21/2013
28. Bite By Bit 7/3/2013
29. Are You Alright 7/4/2013
30. Where To? 7/20/2013
31. Crest 6/11/2013
32. Panama Gold 10/31/2007
33. Everlasting Nap 10/31/2007
34. Wedding Photos 11/1/2007
35. Drink Me! 11/7/2007
36. Don'T Mess With Johnny! 11/10/2007
37. Don'T It Make My White Walls Red? 10/9/2007
38. Made It, Ma! 7/15/2008
39. Communion 11/27/2008
40. No Sympathy For The Suicidal 4/18/2007
Best Poem of matt fromm

Blowing Bong Hits At The Moon

For all I know This could be the last show.
But I'm too young to hang up the clown suit just yet.
Re-running happily frightening images of wher I come from.
Where I've been.
Never imagining in a thousand hits
I would've ended up here.
Never fathoming it would be like this.
Carefull jottings of history...I suppose.
Both true and halucinated
while Coltrane and the gang tell me about their favorite things.
It all gets fuzzy these days when I try to think.
Before today speaking and not being heard
Being silent then being ridiculed and blamed.
All because I ...

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It's Hard To Get Away

I dug my own grave threw myself in and layd there with out a care in the world.
Then my grave began to fill itself,
Instead of dirt it was all todays newspapers and gossip rags.
I opened my eyes and began to read;
Brad Pitt takes shit,
George Clooney said to be pregnant,
Angelina Jolie gives the sieg heil to the pope,
American Idol executives said to be responsible for war in Iraq,
Gov. Schwarzenegger passes bill allowing every homo-sexual and Latino to be beaten to death with par

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