Maxim Muyu

(2nd July / 1981 nairobi)

Poems of Maxim Muyu

1. a battle lose 9/7/2006
2. A Clean Dwelling, 7/7/2009
3. A friend of mine, 5/27/2007
4. a man 2/20/2006
5. A man's voice, 1/1/2009
6. A meaningful life 6/9/2007
7. A New Joy, 12/24/2008
8. A New World Emerges, 9/28/2009
9. A Spiritual Being need's the face of an Eagle, 9/28/2009
10. Accept Me 6/23/2007
11. Achieve 5/21/2007
12. achievement 5/16/2007
13. afflictions. 8/16/2006
14. agreement of my unseen lover's 12/22/2006
15. Ain't I who done it, 2/3/2008
16. Alive 6/10/2007
17. Alive and living. 6/27/2007
18. Alive my people, 6/29/2007
19. Alive, 6/22/2007
20. All eye's watching us most time's 2/10/2008

I need your food,

I need your food,
I need your food and in your nature you are the ego of my lost soul,
I need the blessing's and nature that took me to your only thought,
This is the fate that by your love I feel all loved,
If loving you is in optimism why the pessimism,
Why deny that beauty that made all my function weak to see your face alone,
Trust me that you alone is the food for thought and you I love,
Every day I see your face and feel that in all your love I won the great crown,
In my he

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