Treasure Island

May Sarton

(1912-1995 / Belgium)

Poems of May Sarton

1. (From) The Invocation to Kali 4/9/2010
2. A Country Incident 4/9/2010
3. First Snow 4/9/2010
4. Leaves before the Wind 4/9/2010
5. Now I Become Myself 4/9/2010
6. The Phoenix again 4/9/2010
7. When a Woman Feels Alone 4/9/2010
8. Who Wakes? 4/9/2010

Now I Become Myself

Now I become myself. It's taken
Time, many years and places;
I have been dissolved and shaken,
Worn other people's faces,
Run madly, as if Time were there,
Terribly old, crying a warning,
'Hurry, you will be dead before-'
(What? Before you reach the morning?
Or the end of the poem is clear?

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