Melek Yuzlu

Rookie [Angel Eyes]

Melek Yuzlu Poems

1. I Like The Quiet Places, The Silent Places 1/28/2014
2. My Love Has Wings 2/11/2014
3. Love 4/1/2014
4. I Leave A Candle Burning 2/8/2014
5. If I Go One Day Without You 2/8/2014
6. Why Do You Kill The Night? 2/8/2014
7. Bless Me With Light 2/8/2014
8. Dreams 2/8/2014
9. A Vigil Of Sorrow 2/9/2014
10. You Are The Tenderness 2/8/2014
11. I See The Sun In The Sky 2/8/2014
12. Let Me Sound The Waves 2/8/2014
13. Teach Me Of Love 2/8/2014
14. You Are My Beloved 2/8/2014
15. I Love You 1/14/2014
16. Woman You Are Beautiful To Me 1/14/2014
17. When I'M Alone I Think Of You (Song) 1/28/2014
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I Like The Quiet Places, The Silent Places

I like the quiet places, the silent places -
places inside my head.
Places where I can run and hide
in the moments when I feel afraid.

I like the places that welcome me
and let me run, or hide and play.
I like the quiet moments
where life seems far less grey.

I like it when I'm free to be
the one who chooses what to say -
the one who sits in silence
and hides herself away.

I like the quiet places where
in silence I may think at will,
and sometimes in these silences
I like to be quite still.

I like my quiet places and
the ...

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Let Me Sound The Waves

Let me sound the waves crashing the rocks;
the foam and sea mingling with life's shore.
Let me be the call, within my heart,
of the sky lark that is no more...

The dance of the seagull within its death,
the limpet clang of the bells of war;
Let me be the sigh of the lovers' breath
and the cry of the mother's roar...

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