Melek Yuzlu

Rookie [Angel Eyes]

Poems of Melek Yuzlu

1. A Vigil of Sorrow 2/9/2014
2. Bless Me With Light 2/8/2014
3. Dreams 2/8/2014
4. I Leave a Candle Burning 2/8/2014
5. I Like The Quiet Places, The Silent Places 1/28/2014
6. I Love You 1/14/2014
7. I See The Sun In The Sky 2/8/2014
8. If I Go One Day Without You 2/8/2014
9. Let Me Sound The Waves 2/8/2014
10. Love 4/1/2014
11. My Love Has Wings 2/11/2014
12. Teach Me Of Love 2/8/2014
13. When I'm Alone I Think Of You (SONG) 1/28/2014
14. Why Do You Kill The Night? 2/8/2014
15. Woman You Are Beautiful To Me 1/14/2014
16. You Are My Beloved 2/8/2014
17. You Are The Tenderness 2/8/2014

I Love You

“I love you, ” what would you have me say?
All the worlds and all the universes
cannot hold the love I have in my heart.
What more can I tell you but that “I love you”?

The days seem endless and empty without you.
I watch as the shadows grow in my heart,
The nights are darker and colder still -
and I ask, “Why did you have to leave,

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