Treasure Island

Melissa Furey

(5/11/1994 / UK)

Poems of Melissa Furey

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14. Life As A Soldier 5/13/2014
15. Life Is Not Suppose To Be Easy 4/10/2014
16. Love In A LifeTime 7/12/2014
17. Never Forget 1/29/2014
18. Never Say Goodbye 4/21/2014
19. One Mothers Heartbreak Another Mothers Joy 3/28/2014
20. sadness that the wars cause 9/16/2013

The Seasons Within Us

Have you ever thought we are like trees like we go through the seasons
We go through the times where we do things without any reasons
Like in the summer when there are leaves on the tree
Those are the times where we are happy and care free

In autumn its the time where the leaves fall
Its time when we need someone to call
It's a time where we start saving the Christmas money
And hoping this year it will hurry

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