Melissa Furey

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Melissa Furey Poems

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34. The Ups And Downs Of Life 9/15/2013
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36. Journey Though Life 9/22/2013
37. Staying Strong Through The Hardest Times 1/7/2015
38. Being Grateful For The Life We Have 10/16/2013
39. Life As A Soldier 5/13/2014
40. One Mothers Heartbreak Another Mothers Joy 3/28/2014
Best Poem of Melissa Furey

Broken Not Forgotten

Have you ever felt like a iceberg floating in the sea

Lost and alone and breaking away suddenly

Every time the ice breaks and fall

You feel broken and alone and can't cope at all

As time goes by the iceberg gets smaller

Its starts to melt away as the climate gets warmer

Like in life when we feel as if we are better of alone

We isolate ourselves and never want to leave the home

As time goes by the iceberg drifts to a cold place and gets stronger

Like in life where we feel happy and no longer ...

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One Last Laughter

A few years ago everytime i walked into the living room I woukd immediately smile
i would sit on the sofa listening to my intelligent brother talk for a long while
I would watch people faces as they listened and amazed by his smart brain
now a fews years ago it isn't the same

the room no longer lights up with laughter and sound
its quite and gloom and the spark the room had is no longer around
his witty comments and laugh can no longer be heard but memories are there and what lives

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