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michael hubbert Poems

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15. Have you ever had the sillies? 9/3/2008
16. Somedays 9/3/2008
17. Boy am I pleased with me! 9/4/2008
18. A journey to the heart 10/3/2008
19. Gossips 3/1/2012
20. When I was young 9/3/2008

The sneaky Stapleopegus

In the shadows of my office, by the pads and pencils lay
the sneaky Stapleopegus, just passing time away
each ruler and eraser, and lonely paper clip
know too well the pain inflicted by his mouthy grip

The papers in their stacks so neat, make sure they stay away
but if there's only one of you, I think that you're ok
he goes for pages two and three, but loves it when there's more
the sneaky Stapleopegus one day ate twenty-four!

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