Michael Silver


Poems of Michael Silver

1. Blessed be His Children 7/12/2012
2. Cold Embers 12/16/2012
3. Come Home Soldier 7/12/2012
4. Death's End 8/13/2012
5. Do Not Let Me Sleep 7/12/2012
6. Duties 9/5/2012
7. Forsaking My Love 7/11/2012
8. Good Morning Lovely 5/31/2013
9. I've Left My Saints in Heaven 4/11/2013
10. Life is Hard 5/29/2013
11. Love's Lie 7/14/2012
12. Mans Plea 1/4/2013
13. My Letter to God 7/17/2012
14. My Own 7/12/2012
15. Politicians 12/27/2012
16. The Wars of Men Through God 11/19/2012
17. Think of Me Now and Then 5/23/2013
18. Time to Turn Around 5/31/2013
19. Tonight it Ends 5/11/2013
20. Why a Kiss 7/12/2012

Why a Kiss

Why a kiss
Why did we choose the simple touching of flesh
Why is it we chose to risk some sickly infection to show our affection
Why is it we chose to pucker our lips like a child as it feeds on the breast
Perhaps like a child we hunger for love
And this is how we chose to feed from it
If this is the case, I have starved for a long while
For while I can feel the warm glow of love upon me
I have never drunk from the cup of intimacy

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