Michelle Hyde

Rookie - 20 Points (06/01/1990)

Michelle Hyde Poems

1. Questions To The Dark Prince And His Reply 5/3/2006
2. To A Friend 6/27/2006
3. Simple But Sweet 8/3/2006
4. In Silent Slumber 8/3/2006
5. A Soft Kiss Of Death 9/8/2006
6. Ode To Vampirism 9/8/2006
7. Hidden Suicide 9/27/2006
8. The Hidden Hurt Straight From The Heart 11/20/2006
9. Thanksgiving 11/21/2006
10. A Simple Truth 11/28/2006
11. Fear 11/28/2006
12. The Distant Shadows 11/28/2006
13. Silent Creed 1/17/2007
14. In The Night 2/8/2007
15. Torment 9/27/2006
16. Haven 9/27/2006
17. Tortured Soul 11/20/2006
18. The Hidden Past 3/5/2007
19. Deaths Dangerous Dance 5/11/2007
20. The Edge 5/11/2007
21. Midnight Insanity 5/11/2007
22. Ode To The Electric Kougra 9/15/2007
23. A Forbidden Love 1/31/2008
24. The Blackest Gift 8/4/2008
25. Thanksgiving Day Scramble 11/2/2008
26. To Be Loved 9/26/2009
27. Seduction 9/26/2009
28. Shattered Desires 5/19/2011
29. Words Of A Broken Heart 8/29/2011
30. Wonderings 7/30/2012
31. Misplaced? 7/30/2012
32. Power Of Check 11/2/2013
33. A Broken Heart's Lament 4/24/2014
34. Love's Hug 10/2/2014
35. Dawn Of A New Day 4/12/2015
36. The Lovers Endless Dance 5/3/2006
37. Gone, Yet Not Forgotten 8/4/2012
38. The Fire 6/23/2007
39. The Lost Son 9/27/2006
40. My Crush 3/2/2007
Best Poem of Michelle Hyde

There Is A Time To.....

There is.......

A time to write,
A time to listen,
A time to learn,
A time to play,

A time to read,
A time to see,
A time to lead,
A time to sleep,

A time to be happy,
A time to be mad,
A time to be silly,
A time to be sad.

A time to wake,
A time to stay,
A time to talk,
A time to walk.

A time to help,
A time to hurt,
A time to scheme,
A time to dream,

A time to make a difference,
A time to love,
A time to try,
A time to die

A time to wonder,
A time to want,

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Dawn Of A New Day

Before the smell of hot pavement and car exhaust,
Before the bees start buzzing while the birds sing their morning songs,
While the dew is still fresh and the morning light is new.

I find myself sitting alone on a bench listening to the world around me,
Listening and learning,
Learning of all the wondrous things that mother earth has to give us.
I look ahead and see the woods stand there dark and mysterious,
A soft cool breeze draws me in,

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