Mihaela Pirjol

Mihaela Pirjol Poems

1. To All The Love 11/11/2013
2. Forgiveness Is The End 2/25/2014
3. You Only Exist In My Poetry 2/28/2014
4. Cold Spirit 2/28/2014
5. Not Even Death... 2/28/2014
6. The Weight Of My Lost Illusions 2/28/2014
7. Moments That Can Fill A Lifetime 2/28/2014
8. Silence Speaks The Most To Me 2/28/2014
9. The Irony Of Life 2/28/2014
10. Immortal Soul Of Mine 2/28/2014
11. When Songs Were Sang In Heart 2/28/2014
12. We'Re Too Consumed With Life 2/28/2014
13. Never Enough, Never Fulfilled 2/28/2014
14. Too Much Of Everything 2/28/2014
15. I'M Only Human 2/28/2014
16. I'M Bleeding Words 2/28/2014
17. The Unity In One 2/28/2014
18. Changes 2/28/2014
19. When Yesterday I Bring To Now 2/28/2014
20. Leader Or Follower 3/1/2014
21. Isolation 3/1/2014
22. I Love You With The Love You Love Her 3/1/2014
23. Childhood 3/1/2014
24. Sing 3/4/2014
25. I Dreamt Too Much And Lived Too Little... 3/4/2014
26. Island Of Love 3/6/2014
27. I'Ve Thrown My Dreams And Start To Live 3/7/2014
28. I Could Be Dead For I Do Not Feel... 3/7/2014
29. Ephemeral 3/1/2014
30. Rebirth 3/7/2014
31. I Took My Eyes Off Of The Clock 2/28/2014
32. I Am Losing You 3/7/2014
33. A Glass Of Wine 3/7/2014
34. Time 3/7/2014
35. White Horse 3/7/2014
36. Shouting Breaking In Ignorance 3/9/2014
37. Where Are You Hope? 3/9/2014
38. Only For Your Love I'Ve Wept 3/10/2014
39. Waiting The Non-Return 3/10/2014
40. Once Was Love 3/11/2014
Best Poem of Mihaela Pirjol


Fears in heart, fears in mind,
For them reason I can't find;
Fears in love and of unknown
Of the wind and what may blow;
Sleepless nights covered in worry
For myself I feel so sorry.

Random thoughts irrational
Chase my thoughts exhaustible,
Some of them without no substance,
In some others, feel the absence
Of someone with whom to share
This aching fear; it's so unfair!

A warm embrace, a gentle touch,
To mine fears would mean so much;
To assure and wash away
Leaving place for brighter day;
Yet, my pillow only knows my fears, ...

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Under The Exotic Tree

There...under the exotic tree,
The candid child in us at play;
I saw the little boy in thee
In woods, with joy running that day;
Our hands, softly touching a leaf green,
In hearts, rosy love blooming unseen.

Never in forest lost as little boy
Thou said, while thyself losing in me;

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