Gold Star - 37,512 Points [THE PRETTY STAR]


1441. I Love Spring احب الربيع 3/21/2014
1442. I LOVE TO BE AND NOT TO BE NOT احب ان اكون و لا ان لااكون 3/13/2014
1443. I Love To Be Helpful And Not To Be Selfish 2/2/2014
1444. I Love To Donate My Blood To Others 1/19/2015
1445. I Love To Laugh 4/10/2014
1446. I love Winter, but it's cruel احب الشتاء و لكنه قاس 12/17/2014
1447. I Love You 9/29/2013
1448. I Love You Too 9/6/2013
1449. I Love You, My Pretty Flower! 7/6/2013
1450. I Loved Her In Truth, But She Denied That Love 1/2/2014
1451. I Loved The White Snow, But......................... 12/14/2013
1452. I Miss A Pretty Love 3/9/2014
1453. I MISS EVERYONE AND EVERYONE AROUND ME (افتقد كل واحد و كل شيء حولي) 6/30/2013
1454. I MISS EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE EXCEPT YOU (افتقد كل شيء و كل واحد الا انت) 6/29/2013
1455. I Miss Laughing And I Miss All Pretty Laughs 4/13/2014
1456. I Miss Someone And Something 3/19/2014
1457. I Must Forgive 9/10/2014
1458. I Never Ignore 6/11/2013
1459. I Remeber اتذكر 3/2/2014
1460. I Reserve The Right To Keep Her Pretty Name Anytime 9/5/2014
1461. I Say 5/10/2015
1462. I Say - اقول 5/10/2015
1463. I See Clouds, But No Rains 11/16/2014
1464. I see clouds, but no rains ارى الغيوم و لكن لا امطار 11/16/2014
1465. I see clouds, but no rains ارى الغيوم و لكن لا امطار 11/16/2014
1466. I See Her 12/6/2014
1467. I see her |اراها 12/6/2014
1468. I Smell The Pretty Fall 9/1/2014
1469. I SPEAK NOT, I TRACE NOT, I BREATHE NOT THY NAME لاانطق و اقتفي اثر و لا اتنفس اسمك 7/12/2014
1470. I Stay With My Pretty Poem 7/26/2013
1471. I Thought Love Just Any Word 7/6/2013
1472. I THOUGHT OF YOU فكرت بك 8/2/2014
1473. I Thought......................., But......................... 8/13/2013
1474. I Tired, But I Will Not Give Up 7/25/2013
1475. I Turn My Face The Other Way 5/26/2014
1476. I Understand 1/4/2015
1477. I Understand Poverty Anytime.. 8/10/2015
1478. I Understand Poverty Anytime.. - افهم الفقر في اي وقت 8/10/2015
1479. I Understood فهمت 3/12/2014
1480. I Wanna Be Good With Everyone 2/19/2013

I Am Alone In This World

Born alone Live alone Eat alone Walk alone Swim alone Read alone Speak alone Jump alone Climb alone ...

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A Good Luck

I was born with a bad luck! I was not born with a good luck! A good luck never was on my side, but a bad luck and sinister was always on my side. A golden spoon never was in my mouth.

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