Treasure Island

Mona Van Duyn

(1921-2004 / United States)

Poems of Mona Van Duyn

1. A Relative and an Absolute 4/19/2010
2. Death by Aesthetics 4/19/2010
3. Earth Tremors Felt in Missouri 1/20/2003
4. from Endings 1/20/2003
5. Letters from a Father 1/20/2003

Death by Aesthetics

Here is the doctor, an abstracted lover,
dressed as a virgin, coming to keep the tryst.
The patient was early; she is lovely; but yet
she is sick, his instruments will agree on this.

Is this the place, she wonders, and is he the one?
Yes, love is the healer, he will strip her bare,
and all his machinery of definition
tells her experience is costly here,

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