Rookie (13 /04/1984 / DURBAN: (SOUTH AFRICA))


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40. South Africa And African National Congress 1/21/2010

The Organic Food And The Conventional Food

The relationship between the organic food and the conventiona food
Initially it will be like a car movind with four equally resistence wheels
At the centre of this car is the agribusiness and the NOPPR which act as the gear and the steering.
These organisations are as buisy as bee or ants
They arer buisy screwing off the screws of ORGANIC WHEELS
But the car continue to move with the two wheels with one side off-screwed
On the left hand side is the organic wheel andon th right hand side is the conventional farming wheel

So left means conventional and loose ...

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My Brthday

My birthday: 13th of April 1984

There shall be my birthday
I had so many birthday so many years
But none of my Birthday I had ever given it recognition.

But for the first time on the 13th of April 2008
I will pay a tribute to my birthday
I am expecting something from the Lord.

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