Naledi Sibisi

Poems of Naledi Sibisi

1. An Obscure Artist 8/16/2011
2. Dream Within A Dream 7/30/2012
3. Dust 7/30/2012
4. Held In My Hand 8/17/2011
5. I Wrote 7/30/2012
6. I'll Assure Her That It's Historical 7/30/2012
7. Reintroduced To The People I've Been Introduced To 7/30/2012
8. The Climb 7/30/2012
9. Then Love Is The Name 7/30/2012
10. Were You Unaware? 7/30/2012
11. You're Making A Fool Of Me 7/30/2012

Held In My Hand

I hold it in my hand
and elaborately.
I embrace the life it gives you
and me.
With my preference to embrace it in stillness
in mute
Other days I wish to perform the melodies of my flute.
My flute.

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