Treasure Island

Naledi Sibisi

Poems of Naledi Sibisi

1. An Obscure Artist 8/16/2011
2. Dream Within A Dream 7/30/2012
3. Dust 7/30/2012
4. Held In My Hand 8/17/2011
5. I Wrote 7/30/2012
6. I'll Assure Her That It's Historical 7/30/2012
7. Reintroduced To The People I've Been Introduced To 7/30/2012
8. The Climb 7/30/2012
9. Then Love Is The Name 7/30/2012
10. Were You Unaware? 7/30/2012
11. You're Making A Fool Of Me 7/30/2012

Were You Unaware?

Were you unaware
That my soul was bare
For you?
My eyes
Were undisguised
For you.
Were you unaware
That my hand wished to camouflage yours
Through every one of your hearts wars?

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