Neelapu Suresh

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Neelapu Suresh Poems

1. Agony Of A Child For Her Mother 6/22/2012
2. With A Smile 9/15/2012
3. Someone 12/31/2012
4. Story Of A Heart 12/31/2012
5. When I Saw Her 1/10/2013
6. A Promise Of Smile 2/4/2013
7. Heart Beat 1/10/2012
8. Flowing Stream Of River 6/16/2013
9. Sometimes 6/16/2013
10. Eyes 5/12/2013
11. Compliment 1/27/2014
12. A Few Steps Away 1/29/2014
13. I Wished For 5/10/2014
14. Blank 11/2/2014
15. Though You Resent 11/2/2014
16. One Shouldn'T 11/23/2014
17. I Am Sure 12/4/2015
18. Lifeless Gloom 3/24/2016
19. Solace Of My Life 3/24/2016
20. Forget Myself 3/24/2016
21. Infamous Poet 1/8/2015
22. Beautiful Maiden 10/20/2013
23. Poem Of Agony 12/22/2011
24. An Empty Place 5/10/2013
25. Can'T Tell You 5/7/2013
26. I Still Remember Her 5/11/2014
27. Un-Aware 12/4/2015
28. Poem Of Hope 1/10/2012
Best Poem of Neelapu Suresh

Poem Of Hope

Life is hope.
Hope of being happy in life.
Hope of being adjusting in life.
Hope of being able to achieve achievements in life.

Hope of being cared by some-one in life.
Hope of being loved by some-one in life.
Hope of being nice to every-one in life.
Hope of being responsible to loved-one in life.

Hope of light to see in darkness.
Hope of sunshine after the rain.
Hope of help in time of troubles.
Hope of wind in time of grief.
Hope of being alive to fulfill our duties.

Hope of joy to overcome sadness.
Hope of encouragement to overcome ...

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With A Smile

Make Every day Beautiful with a SMILE.

Make Every day Brightful with a SMILE.

Make Every Dream come True with a SMILE.

Greet Every one with a SMILE.


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