niakeva thomas

Rookie - 3 Points (March 8,1992 / Chicago, Illinois)

niakeva thomas Poems

1. Love Again 10/7/2010
2. Make Love 10/12/2010
3. If I Could Kill Pretty Girls 10/19/2010
4. If I Died 10/26/2010
5. Sealed Lips 10/26/2010
6. Suicidal Daughter 10/28/2010
7. Forbidden Kiss 11/1/2010
8. My Reflection 11/1/2010
9. Mirrors Never Lie 11/1/2010
10. He Should Have Loved Me 11/1/2010
11. You 11/23/2010
12. Time 11/23/2010
13. Wet Dreamz 12/6/2010
14. The Light 12/6/2010
15. Let Me Live 12/7/2010
16. Ghetto Fairytale 12/7/2010
17. Raped 12/9/2010
18. Let This Burn 10/7/2010
19. Numb 10/7/2010
20. My Life For Real 12/16/2010
21. How To Fight Loneliness 12/16/2010
22. Prayer To God 12/17/2010
23. Girl, Interrupted 12/17/2010
24. Love An Emo Kid 1/4/2011
25. Have You Ever? 1/10/2011
26. Un-Break My Heart 1/10/2011
27. Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart 1/10/2011
28. Fragile 1/11/2011
29. I Give Up 1/11/2011
30. In The Light Of The Moon 1/11/2011
31. Never Be Apart 1/13/2011
32. How Could An Angel Break My Heart? 1/13/2011
33. Re-Create My Face 1/13/2011
34. If 1/18/2011
35. Wars Of A Broken Teenager 1/18/2011
36. I Don'T Want To 2/9/2011
37. Tears Fall From My Eyes 2/9/2011
38. Gossip Girls 4/12/2011
39. By My Side 5/6/2011
40. Dead 9/26/2011
Best Poem of niakeva thomas

Cutting Yourself

Who says that cutting yourself is emo? , cutting your self's insane?
Cutting yourself to me, is simply releasing the pain,
Releasing all of the anger, cutting is a way to cope,
When all faith is lost, cutting gives me hope,
When everything is broken, when I can't stop the tears,
The blade is always there, it's been my friend for years,
Pressing deeper and deeper, sinking into my skin,
Cutting is suicidal words, that I no longer can keep in,
Whispering 'do it now', just end all of your sorrow,
Express all of your anger, you can kill yourself tomorrow,

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Blood drips from the blade, down onto the floor,
The cutting eases the pain, she wont suffer anymore,
The blade is her best friend, it is the one that she trusts,
The one that she can turn to, if life ever becomes to much,
The blade rips through her skin, tearing into her flesh,
The one that she leans one, to whom she can confess,
All her secrets to, when life becomes to hard,
It protects her from all harm, for the blade it is her guard,
The anger piles up, builds up deep down in

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