Nicole Edwards

Rookie (5-25-1983 / Flint Michigan)

Nicole Edwards Poems

1. So They Say 10/8/2008
2. I Won’t Give In To My Fears 10/20/2008
3. Dad 10/22/2008
4. Different 10/22/2008
5. A Friend That Means More Than I Can Express 10/27/2008
6. Friends 10/27/2008
7. Real Love 10/28/2008
8. Tears Of Rain 11/8/2008
9. Mom 11/10/2008
10. What The Two Special People In My Life Mean To Me 11/11/2008
11. Heart Broken 11/14/2008
12. My Love 11/14/2008
13. The Phone That Rang That Day 11/14/2008
14. Words I Will Never Speak 11/16/2008
15. Can Anyone See? 11/16/2008
16. Draw Me Close To You Jesus 11/17/2008
17. Scattered Dreams 11/22/2008
18. A Christmas Wish 11/3/2008
19. When It Storms 11/12/2008
20. Jesus Is Our Light 11/12/2008
21. Gram 11/25/2008
22. I Love You Because 11/25/2008
23. Why Don’t They See? 1/2/2009
24. You Hold Me Together When I Am Falling Apart 1/25/2009
25. Thank You Dad 1/29/2009
26. Worried At Night 1/30/2009
27. I Feel A Sense Of Emptiness 1/31/2009
28. Why Can'T I Do Any Thing Wright? 1/12/2010
29. Why Am I The Problem? 1/12/2010
30. Where Are You? 3/23/2011
31. I’m Sorry Dad 1/30/2009
32. If People Could Read My Mind 1/15/2009
33. How Can I Be Loved So Much By One Person? 11/28/2008
34. A Month From Today 12/23/2008
35. The Man Of My Dreams 11/12/2008
36. A Real Dad 10/27/2008
37. Hold Me Close 10/7/2008
38. A Real Sister 11/3/2008
39. A Different World 10/22/2008
40. People Who Take Advantage Of Me 11/12/2008
Best Poem of Nicole Edwards

Goodbye To A Farewell Friend

Goodbye to a farewell friend

Goodbye to a farewell friend,
I thought you would never stab me in my heart,
Goodbye to a farewell friend,
I thought you would stay but you ran away,
You said you would never leave my side,
But just like that you slammed the door in my face,
So I guess you weren’t meant to stay,
that’s why I say today you’re my farewell friend,
Well my farewell friend you will stay,

Written by Nicole Elizabeth Edwards
October 19th 2008

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I know it was hard on you,
Having a child with a disability,
You always had to care for me a child with a disability,
You should of not had to do that,
At times I think I am the one to blame,
For you and mom not getting a long,
But then I get told it was like this before I was born,

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