Nicole Edwards

Rookie (5-25-1983 / Flint Michigan)

Nicole Edwards Poems

1. So They Say 10/8/2008
2. I Won’t Give In To My Fears 10/20/2008
3. Dad 10/22/2008
4. Different 10/22/2008
5. A Friend That Means More Than I Can Express 10/27/2008
6. Friends 10/27/2008
7. Real Love 10/28/2008
8. Tears Of Rain 11/8/2008
9. Mom 11/10/2008
10. What The Two Special People In My Life Mean To Me 11/11/2008
11. A Christmas Wish 11/3/2008
12. When It Storms 11/12/2008
13. Jesus Is Our Light 11/12/2008
14. The Phone That Rang That Day 11/14/2008
15. Words I Will Never Speak 11/16/2008
16. Can Anyone See? 11/16/2008
17. Draw Me Close To You Jesus 11/17/2008
18. Scattered Dreams 11/22/2008
19. Heart Broken 11/14/2008
20. Gram 11/25/2008
21. I Love You Because 11/25/2008
22. Why Don’t They See? 1/2/2009
23. You Hold Me Together When I Am Falling Apart 1/25/2009
24. Thank You Dad 1/29/2009
25. Worried At Night 1/30/2009
26. I Feel A Sense Of Emptiness 1/31/2009
27. Why Can'T I Do Any Thing Wright? 1/12/2010
28. Why Am I The Problem? 1/12/2010
29. Where Are You? 3/23/2011
30. I’m Sorry Dad 1/30/2009
31. If People Could Read My Mind 1/15/2009
32. How Can I Be Loved So Much By One Person? 11/28/2008
33. A Month From Today 12/23/2008
34. The Man Of My Dreams 11/12/2008
35. A Real Dad 10/27/2008
36. Hold Me Close 10/7/2008
37. A Real Sister 11/3/2008
38. A Different World 10/22/2008
39. People Who Take Advantage Of Me 11/12/2008
40. When I Am Around You 11/23/2008
Best Poem of Nicole Edwards



You walked in to my life,
But just like that,
You walked back out,
Still you will be a memory,
A memory that I have created in my mind,
Still you will be a memory,
A memory that will always be locked,
Away in my heart and my mind,
I will always have a memory of you in my heart,
And I will always carry that picture of you in my mind,
Still you will be a memory,

Written by Nicole Elizabeth Edwards
November 26th 2008

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So They Say

So they say

So they tell you to tell people that your home life is more than ok
But they don’t know your secret life do they?
No no no you tell people on the sly that your home life is far from ok
But what do you do when you know what people are doing and their actions are far from ok?
And if you are told that if u try to fix things that people will go to jail
And you know that the person that mattered most in your life is dead
And u don’t know what to do or where to turn and that

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