Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Rookie - 18 Points (1957/01/09 / BURGERSFORT (Leeufallei farm or Ga- Makwakwasi))

Niki Nicholas Nkuna Poems

81. I Know That Words Are Powerful 5/14/2013
82. I Overpriced My Love Over Hers 5/14/2013
83. I Resolve To Live! 2/14/2012
84. I Suspected The Rose Has Changed Colour 5/14/2013
85. I Will Never Know 4/16/2012
86. I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas 1/28/2014
87. I’m Rooted To The Ground By Nature 1/28/2014
88. If I Were A Woman 5/14/2013
89. If Truth Be Told, I’m Starved For Status 10/18/2013
90. If You Happen To Own The Pot And The World 5/14/2013
91. Indispensable 10/18/2013
92. Life Is Great When…. 5/14/2013
93. Life Style Of My Own Choosing 5/14/2013
94. Life Trajectory 5/14/2013
95. Like A Drill And Saw * 10/18/2013
96. Like Crooked, Edgy Pebbles And Rocks * 10/18/2013
97. Living Beyond The Grave 3/23/2012
98. Living By Chance 5/14/2013
99. Living Small 2/13/2012
100. Lost Identity 2/9/2012
101. Love 4/16/2012
102. Love’s Weight 1/28/2014
103. Man & War 4/16/2012
104. Marula Tree Trunk 2/14/2012
105. Men And She 11/20/2012
106. Mind Lost In The See 5/14/2013
107. My Precious Babies 2/10/2012
108. My Precious School Shoes 1/28/2014
109. Myriad Sprouts Of Life’s Excitement 1/28/2014
110. Namib Desert 2/14/2012
111. Nature Too High To Forestall * 10/18/2013
112. Neighbour’s Dog 5/14/2013
113. Niggling Truth 1/28/2014
114. Nina Simone 5/14/2013
115. No Choice But To Join The Freedom Club 5/14/2013
116. No Place To Hide Except In The Familial Cool Shade * 10/18/2013
117. No Strings Attached, Foolishly You Think 3/23/2012
118. Nobody Cared For The Scourge * 10/18/2013
119. Nobody Has Seen Anything Kicking * 10/18/2013
120. Nostalgia * 10/18/2013
Best Poem of Niki Nicholas Nkuna

Lost Identity

I can't live free, one way or otherwise,
I'm tied permanently by my legs, hands, heart and mind,
The psychology of slavery,
I do everything willingly, happily in form of lost identity,
I revel in the form of lost identity,
I believe I enjoy every moment of my life in the mosquito net,

My culture has become a tag of ridicule,
Despicable and a shame to wear,
I believe I'm cultureless and free,
Yet I'm caught in the foreign spider web,
I'm a soccer player in a match,
Yet I play with no one,
I kick the ball to either side, annoying and pleasing ...

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A Smile

I see the head of a vicious snake in the bubble of a smile,
I see the face of an angel in the bubble of a smile,
I see a chameleon changing its colour,
Slowly into black and then to red and vice versa,
I see a blanket tapestry on the playground,
Children jumping on it,
Into its varying colours, alternating,
Some colours are distasteful, others are sweet,

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