Nyota Yasulwe

Gold Star - 6,162 Points (08/08/1970 / Kenya)

Nyota Yasulwe Poems

1. I Decided To Love My Sweet Sweetie 7/27/2011
2. The Sky Sees My Sweetie 8/22/2012
3. When I Hugged My Sweet Sweetie 8/24/2012
4. Sweetie I Confess I Have A Mistress 8/28/2012
5. I Loved Even Before I Saw Sweetie 8/30/2012
6. Sweetie, Start The Day With A Smile 8/30/2012
7. Sweetie Expectations 8/31/2012
8. Sweet Sweetie, I Am Patient 9/17/2012
9. Sweetie, Moon And The Sun Moving Strangely! 9/17/2012
10. Love And Work 10/9/2012
11. I Sleep With My Heart Awake 3/19/2013
12. Sweetie, Enjoy Today! 4/12/2013
13. Lovely Thoughts! 4/23/2013
14. The Seductress Tempted Me, I Confess! 10/1/2013
15. Daddy I Kissed A Girl, I Confess! 10/1/2013
16. Working For Sweetie 11/18/2013
17. Gloomy Day! 6/10/2014
18. Surely Nothing Stops Me From Desiring You! 6/19/2014
19. Not Seeing Sweet Sweetie Is Impossible! 8/28/2014
20. It Was My Car Invited! 7/31/2015
21. He Is Great For Creating Sweet Sweetie 9/4/2014
22. I Love To Dream About My Sweet Sweetie! 12/6/2013
23. Why He Bird Sings On Way To Dreamland! 3/11/2014
24. Smile Joyfully Today! 10/1/2013
25. Evening Without You Sweetie 8/27/2012
26. My Dear Diamond 3/19/2013
27. Morning On The Beach And Wish I Was With Sweetie 8/30/2012
28. I Love You Even When Afar 8/22/2012
29. Dreaming About Sweetie Gives Me Hope 9/20/2011
30. Praying For My Sweet Sweetie 7/24/2011
31. Sweet Joint Of Love 9/21/2011
32. I Miss Home And My Sweet Sweetie 9/10/2012
33. Good Morning Kiss 9/19/2012
34. Singing With The Birds 9/25/2012
35. You Were Created For Me! 8/23/2012
36. Flower In Loveland! 8/22/2012
37. Worthy Being Thought Of 8/24/2012
38. I Still Sing About You Sweetie 8/26/2012
39. Keep Well My Pot Of Honey! 9/26/2011
40. Fire In My Heart 10/6/2011
Best Poem of Nyota Yasulwe

God I Prayed For My Sweet Sweetie

God I prayed for my sweet sweetie. I went to church loving her so much and I told you as much about her. So that she may become more precious and better for me.

God remind her that she may not forget that it is you who created her fearfully and wonderfully. So she may know that you created her so lovely for me.

God increase her faith by giving her a rock-solid confidence that you have good plans for her future. So she may know that there is a good future with me.

God intensify her joy, a joy in you that abandons all to the riches of your grace. So she may know that I ...

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Cold Day At Work

I woke up to a cold day today
I know I did not pray for a warm day
I prayed for my sweet Lady to be well today
I wished she was here with me

When it's a cold day
It's nice if I could stay inside the house!
Cuddled up with my sweet Lady,
By a fireside listening to beautiful music, of yesteryear.

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