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(30th, november 1988 / JOS NIGERIA)


1. A Walk With Zombie 7/23/2012
2. Above Their Ego 8/12/2012
3. Before The Fall 8/13/2013
4. Beyond timeline 1/19/2014
5. Birthday song to my Country. 10/2/2013
6. BONE OF MY SOUL 8/26/2012
7. 'Bravehearts' 5/9/2013
8. Crystal Clear 10/8/2012
9. Dark myth 5/9/2013
10. DESTINY 8/20/2012
11. Face of Beauty 8/4/2012
12. Flag Of Leadership 8/5/2012
13. Hold unto me 1/24/2013
14. Killer Of Kings 8/12/2012
15. Lawful love 7/12/2013
16. Letter to time 10/4/2013
17. Mama Africa 8/13/2013
18. Mama Put 8/12/2012
19. Marble tale.. 2/2/2014
20. Mr Piper Is Death 10/16/2012

'The Visitor'

Moaning through this blue african moon
The stars were blue icy flames of dark emptiness, then this smooth touch on my lips, the route to passive fantasy! thou thy marvel were weapon of deceit

Truly she was black but beautiful
Cage with true the avail of night ghost she rode with wind.she is but a shadow in my many dreams

She pervert my empty planet of nightmares.we were friends from no man's land.with benefit of fable love'remember to close thy window gate'for she only comes to

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