Oscar Mireles

Oscar Mireles Poems

1. Lost And Found Marriage 5/15/2005
2. Diego’s Mom Takes Bonding Lessons In A Home Study Course 1/6/2006
3. The Other Woman In My Life 1/7/2006
4. Labor Of Love, Intermixed With Plastic Tubes, Straps And Bedpans 1/8/2006
5. Ypsilanti Xicanas 1/8/2006
6. Finding A New Word In The 'street Dictionary' Is A Lttle Harder 1/8/2006
7. Finding Your Final Resting Place Wasn'T Easy 1/8/2006
8. Thanks To The People Who Showed Up At A Poetry Reading At Fifteen Below Zero 1/8/2006
9. This Marriage Proposal Was Not Written Down On A Napkin 1/8/2006
10. Baby In The Bathwater 5/23/2005
11. My First Taste Of The Importance Of A College Education 1/7/2006
12. The Fireman's Least Favorite Hiding Place 1/8/2006
13. The Family Of Doctors Crosses Cultural And National Borders 1/8/2006
14. The Last Dance Ended Before The Song Was Over 1/8/2006
15. I Was Able To Get A Fake Press Pass To The State Wrestling Tournament 1/2/2006
16. The Annual Hometown Fiesta Weekends Always Had More In Store Than I Bargained For 1/6/2006
17. B-I-N-G-O Is Not A Four Letter Word 1/6/2006
18. Three Lined Verses On The Birth Of My First Child 1/6/2006
19. Smells Just Like Yesterday 5/27/2005
20. The Last Hurrah...On The Wrestling Mat 1/2/2006
21. Katrina Means Cleansing 1/3/2006
22. I Hate Atolle 6/1/2005
23. Music Doesn'T Taste The Same Anymore 1/2/2006
24. The String That Ties Us Together 1/2/2006
25. Divorce Is One Of The Easier Reasons To Change Your Address At The Post Office 1/2/2006
26. The Researcher Tried To Explain The Reasons Black Girls Get Pregnant 1/2/2006
27. Romance And Reality 1/2/2006
28. Five Finger Mexican Style Revolver Roulette 1/7/2006
29. Listening To Conversations At The Gym While I Worry About My Athletes Foot 6/20/2006
30. The Almost 9 Minutes Car Ride 5/6/2010
31. My Birthday Was Different This Year 1/2/2006
32. Courage Is Setting Yourself Free 1/2/2006
33. If You Take Care Of Them, New Shoes Can Last A Long Time 1/2/2006
34. Eightyfive Pound Racine Junior High School City Wrestling Champion 1/2/2006
35. History Lessons Are Programmed To Repeat Themselves, Until We Learn To Change 1/8/2006
36. Diego’s Ninety Day Follow-Up Check In 1/8/2006
37. Poetry Can Be Hard On Your Hands 5/16/2005
38. The Wrestlers Funeral 5/17/2005
39. Eyewitness To Shooting That Could Have Been Me 5/17/2005
40. Will Grandma Mickey’s Hair Still Be White, When We Are In Heaven? 5/17/2005
Best Poem of Oscar Mireles

Lost And Found Language

It started in 1949, when my oldest brother
came home from school
in Racine, Wisconsin
after flunking kindergarten
because he 'spoke no English'
and declared to my parents
that 'the rest of the kids have to learn to speak English
if we planned on staying here in the United States.'

so my parents lined up
the rest of the seven younger children
had us straighten up
tilt our heads back
reached in our mouth with their hands
and took turns
slicing our tongues in half

making a simple, but unspoken contract
that from then on
the parents ...

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Lost And Found Marriage

lost and found
could apply to my marriage

I was afraid of losing my former live-in girlfriend
when she talked about going to Miami for Christmas
the winter of 1985.
I thought it was a good idea
until we talked about it

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