Ovwigho Joseph Ovedje

(Lagos, Nigeria)

Poems of Ovwigho Joseph Ovedje

1. MY LITTLE ONE 1/22/2010
2. My Mothers Hair 1/22/2010
3. hope 1/22/2010
4. Sweat mother 12/31/2009
5. Your hazel green eyes 1/22/2010

My Mothers Hair

One of your hairs fell out last night:
A piece of your life was gone without a sound.
I know a difficult day is coming,
My heart, pierced, utters a quiet cry.

Let my childhood smile again in the sun
And turn me into an innocent little head louse
So I can crawl through the jungle of your hair
And sing a song of darkness in its fragrance.

[Hata Bildir]