Ozark Mountain Homegrown

Ozark Mountain Homegrown Poems

1. Searching...Take Two 3/2/2016
2. Comfort And Sorrow 3/4/2016
3. The Tale Of The Moonfaced Hillbilly Gal 3/12/2016
4. Roller Coaster Of Emotions 9/2/2013
5. Love Everlasting 8/25/2013
6. Ozark Living 9/9/2013
7. The Laws Of Attraction 9/4/2013
8. Greed 9/25/2013
9. Loves Sweet Embrace 8/25/2013
10. Reflections Of Love 8/25/2013
11. Sweet Slumber 8/24/2013
12. Beauty 8/24/2013
13. Change 9/1/2013
14. Love Defined 9/10/2013
15. A New Day 9/3/2013
16. Full Circle 8/24/2013
17. Letting Go 8/26/2013
18. Searching 9/14/2013
Best Poem of Ozark Mountain Homegrown


I feel so lost to this world
There's no joy left in me
I have spent my whole life
Desperately searching
For something that was not there
Searching for a dream
That does not exist

My time has now past
All hope is gone...lost
Happiness eludes me
Grief exudes from me
There is nothing left inside
I am just this empty shell
All these long years
Ive been so busy searching
That I simply forgot to live

And now that I am old
And my last days on earth are near
I know this thing I'm searching for
Has always been right here

It lives ...

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Reflections Of Love

Your Love it warms me like the sun
You light my darkness like the moon and stars
You are my true and only one
You mean the world to me

You're there for me both night and day
You lift me up when I'm feeling blue
You always know just what to say
To soothe and comfort me

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