Treasure Island

Patrick Ladbrooke


Poems of Patrick Ladbrooke

1. Alley Cricket 10/6/2011
2. Beachy Head 6/2/2014
3. Eighty 5/27/2014
4. Pond Life 5/14/2014
5. Sailing 7/1/2009
6. The Bond 9/15/2008
7. The Furrow Followed 10/10/2011
8. The Kissing Gate 12/29/2008
9. The Last Glass 5/1/2014

The Furrow Followed

A'rear the Suffolks' sure foot gait
And sturdy flank of silent muscle power,
Shining steel of ploughshare cuts a wake,
With scent of earth turned, new and clean,
All held by skills that keep straight
With every corner matched in perfect line,
For the gathered gulls to glean.

And as the father cut the furrow, so does son,

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