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300. Woman With Train 10/1/2011
301. Women Change, But Men Don'T? 2/23/2013
302. You Are Not The Wind 10/5/2011
303. You Must Be Strong 2/23/2014
Best Poem of Paul Hartal

The Poetry Of Physics

Science thrives
absorbed in the myth of objectivity.
The vision of science as rigorous research
based on exact observation
and objective facts is full of holes.

Great scientists have known this for long.
According to the American physicist
Leon Lederman, a Nobel Laureate,
the essence of physics is pure faith:
“To believe something while
knowing that it cannot be proved (yet) .”

Going back in history we find
that the ancient Greek Philosopher Plato
and his pupil, Aristotle, held that symmetry,
order and proportion of form, through
the ...

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How Long Is An Hour?

There are science fiction stories
that describe other worlds, stars and
galaxies where inhabitants measure time
in a different way than us.

But you don’t have to read science fiction
for this. History shows that people
in the past already used different time
systems than we use today.

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