Paul Latham

Paul Latham Poems

1. Thought Of The Day 1/22/2008
2. Who Are We? Me. 1/22/2008
3. Crumbling Bridge 1/22/2008
4. A Product Of State Manufacturing 1/23/2008
5. Sitting At Work 1/25/2008
6. Ode To Mankind 1/27/2008
7. Living 1/31/2008
8. Sunday Evening Blues 3/3/2008
9. Motivation 4/9/2008
10. Just Ants On The Road 4/10/2008
11. Rain, Sun, Summer 4/11/2008
12. A Poet Wishing, Watching, Waiting 4/14/2008
13. Blue Sky 1/22/2008
14. Me And Us All. 1/22/2008
15. Oppressive Freedom 1/22/2008
16. Dreams 1/24/2008
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Your life in dreams, such a funny thing,
It might be great or totally fake,
Bizarre, surreal, leave you in a state.
From Africa to Rome, then suddenly home.

Your dreams or nightmares seen.
Time that stops, legs dropping off,
Unable to move, as danger looms.
Chasing a fantasy that maybe you fancy,
A change from the norm as you dream up a storm.
Dreams where you’re flustered and scared.
Changing time as moments pass by,
Places rising from the depths of your thoughts.


You wake, and reality breaks, like a stone thrown, on a frozen ...

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Who Are We? Me.

The emptiness inside my head,
An abyss of darkness, love and dread.
With eyes closed in front of mirror,
What on earth seems to shimmer.
Black and white, blue and red, yellow and green, inside my head.
Patterns seen flying by, inside a world we call our mind.
That’s all it takes to set me free, it’s the same for you as it is for me.
In front of the mirror where I stand, I open my eyes to all mankind,
His woes and troubles, toil and strife,

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