Paul the Lion

Rookie (Born in the fall of his 19th year / Comin' home to a place he'd never been before)

Paul the Lion Poems

1. Sweet Country Girl and I 3/10/2006
2. Please Love Me 3/29/2006
3. Price I Pay, The 3/18/2006
4. Girl in the Castro 5/8/2006
5. Ballad of Joe and Rhonda, The 3/10/2006
6. Country Folks' Lament 3/8/2006
7. Old Glory 3/11/2006
8. One Drunkard's Blues 4/8/2006
9. Leaders Who Teach Us, The 5/21/2006
10. Eulogy of a Blues Master 5/3/2006
11. Loser Song, The 5/2/2006
12. Countryside Utopia 5/9/2006
13. Just a Little Love Poem 4/6/2006
14. Montana Wilderness 3/18/2006
15. Woman at the Store 3/19/2006
16. Ramblin' Cowboy's Lamet 3/21/2006
17. Where have you gone, Johnny Cash? 3/21/2006
18. Ain't A-Gonna Be No Cowboy 5/13/2006
19. Ain't No Light 4/22/2006
20. Talkin' Pretty Girl Blues 5/4/2006

Sweet Country Girl and I

My eyes first caught her across the street
She looked like someone I'd fancy to meet
She was wearing a long violet dress
But I was rugged and my hair was a mess

You were wondering who was this cat
Sitting on a rotten bench in a dirty cowboy hat
On his guitar he was trying to play some John Denver song
You laughed because half of his chords were wrong

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