Treasure Island

Payal Parande


Poems of Payal Parande

1. AFRAID 6/20/2012
2. All Alone 7/9/2014
4. I HAVE SOMETHING TO SHARE............. 6/16/2012
5. If you say 2/17/2014
6. My Angelic 'Mother' 7/10/2012
7. My Fellow Poet 10/19/2012
8. My Love 12/18/2011

All Alone

The hunt for the soul is on the clock
You with I started the walk,
The quest is not needed,
Only a step can take us home
Then how did I end up crawling alone?

Say or whisper, pose or dance
You with I versed to take a chance
Admirers are not needed

[Hata Bildir]