Pearl Weena Marie E. Sabido, M.D.

Pearl Weena Marie E. Sabido, M.D. Poems

1. Dear Stranger 6/11/2009
2. After I Die 9/28/2007
3. An Ode To The Beach 11/14/2008
4. Pour Tomber Amoureux 6/9/2009
5. Je Prie De Toi 6/9/2009
6. Nomad 4/24/2010
7. The Beauty Of Youth 2/16/2010
8. How Are You? 2/19/2010
9. Forgive Me, Lord 4/7/2010
10. That Ardent Look Of Desire Undisguised 12/12/2010
11. Dearest 12/23/2010
12. La Pensée À Toi 9/29/2007
13. Matcha Et Tapioca 7/10/2011
14. Ripples 1/14/2015
15. Some Woman 9/28/2007
16. I Thirst 9/28/2007
17. The Girl Named Sicily Smile 11/14/2008
18. An Act Of Public Service For The Ladies 11/14/2008
19. For My Loved Ones 3/28/2009
20. In Memory Of Huey The Dog 4/13/2009
21. In My Dream 9/28/2007
22. I Was 13 9/28/2007
23. I Choose To Wait 10/6/2007
24. Must You Wonder 7/28/2008
25. On This Night 6/12/2009
26. A Young Man's Last Dance 6/30/2009
27. Can You Not See? 7/23/2009
28. A Song For The Sun 8/14/2009
29. This Game 9/9/2009
30. Cannon Fodder 10/23/2009
31. Oh, Life! 10/24/2009
32. The Seconds Ticking By 12/23/2009
33. Tu N’existe Pas Pour Moi 1/1/2010
Best Poem of Pearl Weena Marie E. Sabido, M.D.

Dear Stranger

Hello, dear stranger. And so we meet again.
How long has it been, since that time when
We loved one another, a ten on a scale of one to ten?
Remember the old feelings, those you captured with your pen?

You always gave me roses,
Said you were the luckiest of men.
Do you recall how you’d hold me tight,
And to your heart I’d listen?
And oh, all those kisses!
How we loved to share them so often!
Everything felt so right,
Like a dream whence I wished not to awaken.

But all that is now past. And even though we can
Be the most passionate of ...

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I Thirst

Let me open my eyes at dusk tonight
Don't drive damnation into my heart
I don't mean to kill, I don't want a fight
Just let me live, a war don't start

Forget your task, release your stake
You know not a thing you do
An angry me you don't wish to make
Go away, child, my wrath has begun to brew

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