Pearl Weena Marie E. Sabido, M.D.

Pearl Weena Marie E. Sabido, M.D. Poems

1. The Girl Named Sicily Smile 11/14/2008
2. An Act Of Public Service For The Ladies 11/14/2008
3. For My Loved Ones 3/28/2009
4. In Memory Of Huey The Dog 4/13/2009
5. Pour Tomber Amoureux 6/9/2009
6. Je Prie De Toi 6/9/2009
7. Dear Stranger 6/11/2009
8. On This Night 6/12/2009
9. A Young Man's Last Dance 6/30/2009
10. Can You Not See? 7/23/2009
11. A Song For The Sun 8/14/2009
12. This Game 9/9/2009
13. Cannon Fodder 10/23/2009
14. Oh, Life! 10/24/2009
15. The Seconds Ticking By 12/23/2009
16. Tu N’existe Pas Pour Moi 1/1/2010
17. In My Dream 9/28/2007
18. I Was 13 9/28/2007
19. I Choose To Wait 10/6/2007
20. Must You Wonder 7/28/2008
21. Forgive Me, Lord 4/7/2010
22. Nomad 4/24/2010
23. That Ardent Look Of Desire Undisguised 12/12/2010
24. Dearest 12/23/2010
25. La Pensée À Toi 9/29/2007
26. Matcha Et Tapioca 7/10/2011
27. Ripples 1/14/2015
28. Some Woman 9/28/2007
29. I Thirst 9/28/2007
30. After I Die 9/28/2007
31. How Are You? 2/19/2010
32. The Beauty Of Youth 2/16/2010
33. An Ode To The Beach 11/14/2008
Best Poem of Pearl Weena Marie E. Sabido, M.D.

An Ode To The Beach

You ask what it is about the shore that keeps me in thrall
But I do not have the words, except that I cannot resist its call

You laugh when I dance to the sound of the crashing waves
And though you think it absurd, to such music I find myself a slave

You watch while I blissfully run fine grains of sand through my toes
While within me ecstasy is spurred, I exude contentment and repose

You wonder at my instinct to throw my arms back to the salty breeze
Perhaps you may liken me to a bird, one whose will the sea has seized

You marvel as I stare as if ...

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I Thirst

Let me open my eyes at dusk tonight
Don't drive damnation into my heart
I don't mean to kill, I don't want a fight
Just let me live, a war don't start

Forget your task, release your stake
You know not a thing you do
An angry me you don't wish to make
Go away, child, my wrath has begun to brew

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