Pete Crowther

Rookie (Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

Pete Crowther Poems

1. A Biker's Funeral 10/18/2005
2. A Camera Has the Trick of Freezing Time 10/25/2004
3. A Question of Philosophy 4/17/2005
4. A Sonnet in Memoriam for a Dead Pet 1/18/2005
5. A House of Light 11/17/2004
6. 2005 1/1/2005
7. A Secret Whisper 12/10/2005
8. Caring For a Dead Fish 4/5/2006
9. Cold Moons of Winter 2/23/2006
10. Father and Daughter 5/21/2006
11. A Fly in Amber 11/17/2004
12. A Night in the Old Lighthouse 7/6/2005
13. Exchange of an Unsuitable Pet 10/25/2004
14. A Window Seat 4/23/2005
15. A Rat in Springtime 11/17/2004
16. A Japanese-English Phrasebook 10/25/2004
17. Shut Your Eyes and Jump 4/26/2005
18. The Care and Management of Stick Insects 3/5/2006
19. A Particular Potted Plant 11/17/2004
20. Weather Forecast 2/25/2005

A Secret Whisper

I rarely go by bus but when I do
For safety’s sake I choose a seat well back.
Today the bus was crowded like a zoo,
My seat companion wore a plastic mac,
He looked quite foreign, dark, and rather nervous.
To break the ice I said “It’s very warm”,
He rolled his eyes and said that God would save us,
Began to rant and wildly wave his arm.
I looked around but no-one seemed to notice,

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