Philip Levine

(January 10, 1928 / Detroit, Michigan)

Poems of Philip Levine

101. Waking In March 1/13/2003
102. What Work Is 1/13/2003
103. What Work Is 12/31/2013
104. Where We Live Now 1/13/2003
105. Wisteria 1/13/2003
106. You Can Have It 1/13/2003
107. You Can Have It 12/31/2013

Coming Close

Take this quiet woman, she has been
standing before a polishing wheel
for over three hours, and she lacks
twenty minutes before she can take
a lunch break. Is she a woman?
Consider the arms as they press
the long brass tube against the buffer,
they are striated along the triceps,
the three heads of which clearly show.

[Hata Bildir]