Treasure Island

Phineas Molale

(1986-28-05 / Soweto-White City)

Poems of Phineas Molale

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2. A men without vision 12/29/2011
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10. I'm used to keeping things to myself 2/2/2014
11. It's good to die 7/1/2014
12. Leave me to cry! 12/29/2011
13. Love is dead 3/29/2013
14. Love Was Made For You And Me! 4/6/2012
15. My father is a man 6/11/2013
16. My Time With You 12/30/2011
17. Purpose For Living 12/15/2012
18. Send me for the worst 1/12/2012
19. She's Nothing To Me! 1/9/2012
20. Talk To Me! 2/25/2014

A men without vision

He so blind falls repeatedly without realising
He so curious for success but reaches no destiny
He so filled with empathy but loses track of needs
He so blessed but sees no use of it all
He so motivated but makes no move
A thirsty men associated with immature men
A men blessed with all but puts none to practice
A men to honour but remains with no honours

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