Phineas Molale

Rookie - 33 Points (1986-28-05 / Soweto-White City)

Phineas Molale Poems

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Best Poem of Phineas Molale

My Father Is A Man

My father is a man
He laughs with my mom
And I laugh too even though the joke wasn't meant for me

My father is a man
For he laid his hands on her
Beat her up with the thought 'this is love'
Taught by a woman
That a woman should never be beaten and he never

My father is man
Even though his energy is fading
He is still striving for his kids
My father is man not ashamed of his own tears
Not ashamed to cry

Raised by a woman that gave birth to my father
I shall be like my father and beyond

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I Still Have A Heart

If I miss you from time to time, did I really forget you
If the feelings we say are dead still pains
If the love we say is over
If I'm still astand in a place I say I've moved
If my heart still beats for you

I still have a heart
Yet if your eyes are still the same
And never connect with mine

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